Hey! I'm Shimydim, from France

I created this blog to share custom content I make for Sims 3 and Sims 4, you can find all the links on this blog, but you can find other type of sims pictures on my Tumblr, at shimydimsimss.tumblr.com
I hope you will like what I create :)

lundi 6 mai 2019

S4 Anto Esmeralda Retexture + DarkRoots - Naturals + Unnaturals


  • 78 colors / (including 30 Unnaturals)
  • Custom Thumbnail
  • Mesh isn’t included, download here
  • Check out my other CC here !
SOLIDS DOWNLOAD (with adfl*) / DOWNLOAD (without adfl* be added 14/05/19)
DARKROOTS : DOWNLOAD (with adfl*) / DOWNLOAD (without adfl* be added 14/05/19)
The darkroots version has a little issue (there is a small spot on the hair where it’s supposed to be dark roots but it isn’t :/ Iit’s easily editable in photoshop tho!)
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